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Question   Photos

- Julie Shepherd April 15, 2015

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Question   Hitting on it !!
Hi Donna, there are some spot on Hitting it photos here ! Great work for sure, do you have any cruise ship photos ? :)

- Doug Gardner March 11, 2013

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Question   Horse Mug
Wandering about the Art Market in Calgary tonight I saw the canvas of this photograph. Seldom do pictures bring such an emotional response from me, but this one did. You captured his soul, and mine. So much so I bought the framed 5x7. Thank you so very much!

- Naomi Owen November 18, 2010

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Question   Compliment...
i've been meaning to contact you for some time. I purchased your photo "Rock Folds" from Steeps in Mount Royal Village. it is an incredibly beautiful, sensual image that struck me so much I had to have it. I brings to my mind two lovers in a "Garden of Eden" setting, before the fig leaves "came into the picture". a purity mixed with gorgeous sexuality, I applaud you on your skill in and artistry...

- Billy Hayward August 19, 2010

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Question   I love all your photos...
I love all your photos on your website. They are amazing. They are the best pictures ever

- Victoria Hohenwarter January 06, 2010

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Question   You are my fav............
I have loved all your photos since I first discovered your website. It is nice to see that you have expanded your galleries. I am charmed by the leaping squirrel in your recent summer photos. Good luck in your upcoming weekend show. You are my fav.................

- Kathy Myers September 14, 2009

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Question   Great Stuff
Some great Photography there Donna. You have a great eye for the little details that often go unnoticed. I heard you talk a lot about your hobby back at EducationMatters, and i'm so glad you finally put some of your work out there :)

- Gaurav Duggal April 07, 2009

  Answer What a nice visual gig to wake up to Donna.

- Jenamarie derry  September 03, 2009

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Question   These Are Great!
Donna these photos are all great. I do believe I recognize a two-footed and four-footed subject. BTW - Middle age is all it's cracked up to be-- and more!

- Wendy Jamison March 22, 2009

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Question   Thank you for sharing
Follow your passions life is for living.

- Todd Asmundson March 16, 2009

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Question   Wow!
I love the texture of your work, Donna. Thanks for sharing.

- Jeanmarie Derry March 13, 2009

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Question   Wonderful images
Thank you for your email inviting me to view one of your life passions. The pictures make me smile and some gave my heart a few pangs of homesickness.

Go girl, it is lovely to be where you are now.

All the best and I look forward to seeing more.

- May Chung March 13, 2009

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Question   Congratulations, Donna!
Donna, your photographs are beautiful and the new website is inspiring. (And it's fun seeing familiar faces like Scott, Hannah and Hamlette!) Congrats.

- Nancy Cope March 13, 2009

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Question   Bravo!
I really like your pictures A LOT Donna. I definatly have a connection with your lens.
I'm looking forward to see more of your pictures.
Keep following your passion!

- Angelo Fioretti March 13, 2009

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