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THE SNAPSHOT of a LIFE - Donna (Desi) Rapp

I received my first Kodak Brownie in elementary school and immediately took a picture of my cat Dusty. I still have that photo. While photography has been my hobby ever since, it turned into a real passion when I received a digital camera and lenses!

Having grown up in California, attended university in L.A. and spent a short time in the film industry, I eventually moved to Canada. My full time career was as a communications professional for arts organizations, media outlets, non-profit agencies and an energy company. In all my jobs, my images have been used for brochures, newsletters, reports and websites. As well, I have been an active volunteer supporting the environment, the arts, youth mentoring, literacy and AIDS care groups. My passion for photography reflects my other passions for travel and wilderness trekking.

As of 2016, I launched a new venture called Rappture--where I customize home decor, personal accessories and gift products with my own photos. Visit www.zazzle.com/rappture and check out my amazing artist-customized products...everyday works of art.

Not bad for a middle aged chick!

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